Tips on How to Grow a Beard Faster

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Tips on How to Grow a Beard Faster

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    “How to Grow a Beard” is generally the first question a developing bearded man asks himself.

    The short reply is, stop shaving. However, there’s more to it than that. Especially if you want the kind of beard you’re depicting when you look in the mirror. For the best results, your beard requires particular care and styling. Lifestyle shifts are involved, too, from ditching the razor to healthy living to trimming your facial hair.

    But before we get into the process, why is it that us chaps grow, and want to grow, beards?

    How to Quickly Grow Beard


    Avoid heat styling

    Trench the razor. Quit shaving entirely for at least four weeks — that’s when a beard generally begins to exhibit itself as a beard. Let your facial hair grow.

    You didn’t require us to tell you that, did you? It’s how to grow a beard?

    But quitting shaving isn’t the essential point of this foremost tip; it’s patience. When we reached out to any beard community, patience’s the number one tip on how to grow a beard was by far the most popular reply.

    The significance of doing nothing can’t be understated, specifically early in the early days, because this is when your beard is at its worst. Facial hair grows at distinct speeds and thicknesses all over your face. Four weeks in, it might be all over the place. Your mustache might grow faster than the hair on your chin, and the left cheek might look like it didn’t get the same memo as the right cheek. 

    Your beard might also attract strange looks early on, and you’ll almost certainly get people questioning your decision. I would add that start using refined Beard Growth Oil regularly to help your beard nourish and promote your beard growth.

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    Recognize, you’re playing the long game. Don’t worry about it. Just let the hair keep doing its thing even when the itchiness thrashes. And any push around — from your skin not enjoying the sensation of a beard to people’s responses — will all be ignored in a few weeks when sheer mortals are in awe of your sight.


    In the foremost week or two, your beard will get itchy. It’s annoying as hell, and it’s why most men go about shaving. But, we have a solution for when the itchiness strikes: Incredible Man Beard Growth Oil.

    Beard oil control the itchiness.

    When you sense an itch, try not to rub it. Instead, massage some beard oil into your beard to soften the hair and relieve the skin under it. Doing this daily will also keep your beard healthy during the premature weeks.


    When we’re questioned how to grow a beard mentioning focusing on your health isn’t an answer most people think. Looking after body and mind have the counted benefit of nurturing strong beard growth. Consuming right, napping well, and getting a ton of exercises will benefit you immensely whether you’re growing a beard or not.


    Avoid heat styling

    Hair is built mainly of protein and, if it’s fit, it’ll be covered in oil and fats —the right sort, not the sort your takeaway flakes are absorbed in. So a healthy beard, much like a nourishing body, needs a balanced diet of protein and healthy fats.

    You can get these things from nutrition such as:

    • Eggs
    • Yogurt
    • Chicken
    • Seafood
    • Beans
    • Nuts such as walnuts, cashews, pecans, and almonds

    By following the above-mentioned tips and remedies, it is not a difficult task to manage your frizzy hair. It only takes a little patience and in a quick time, your hair will regain its smoothness and lost luster.

    • Vitamin B9 helps with denser beard hair and can be found in cereals, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.
    • Vitamins E, B5, and B3 enhance blood circulation and can be encountered in chicken, fish, beef, egg yolk, avocado, and whole grains.
    • Vitamin A strengthens hair follicles and can be found in carrots, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables.
    • Vitamin C enhances the immune system and can be found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, and dark green leafy vegetables.


    Avoid heat styling

    When you sleep, the development hormone level in the blood boosts, which quickens up cell-reproduction and beard hair growth. Rates rise at around 2 am, so aim to be sound asleep before then. All in all, you should try to get eight hours of sleep a night.


    Avoid heat styling

    Exercise gets the blood pumping, enhancing metabolic rate, and sending all of those hair growth-stimulating nutrients to your face. Any practice is suitable but strives for 30 minutes of intermediate activity a day — running, walking, cycling, swimming, playing sports, those kinds of things.

    To boost testosterone to improve beard growth, consider high-intensity exercises like running and weightlifting. Not both at the same time, though.


    For your beard to flourish and look the piece, it needs looking after. This means frequent washing, conditioning, oiling, and combing. 

    How to Take Care of a Beard?

    Step 1: Cleanse it — Ideally, using a beard wash twice a week. 

    Step 2: Condition it — Apply a beard conditioner after cleansing to relieve and hydrate the hair to stay nourishing and manageable.

    Step 3: Hydrate it — Apply beard oil daily to moisturize facial hair and the skin beneath. Oil will also help maintain dandruff.

    Step 4: Style it — Use a Natural Beard Wax that will help keep facial hair in peak condition. Wax is immaculately for styling — twizzling the mustache and maintaining curly hair in line. You can apply all three days, as and when needed.

    Step 5: Comb it — Comb your beard every day in a beneath direction. 

    Avoid heat styling

    Growing a beard basically with three things:

    • Let it grow
    • Keep the beard clean.
    • Have a healthy lifestyle.

    There are no special tricks and magic brews. It just takes tolerance, good products, and appropriate care. The bonus for that is looking and feeling better than you’ve ever done.

    Now you’ve got a good insight into growing a beard, why not check out some of our other blog posts on beard and mustache care.

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