How to use beard softener?

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How to use beard softener

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    How to use beard softener?

    You must take care of your beard by using men’s grooming products that are designed to perform together and can be useful without concealing any damage. You should always consider the growth of healthy natural beards. If your beard is dry and fragile, your skin feels scratchy and grumpy, which tells your beard needs hydration and nutrients for nourishment.

    In the last few years, many organic men’s grooming products have hit the marketplace. The primary beard products are; beard oil, beard wax, and beard softeners. Beard care isn’t only for the beard hair but also the skin underneath.

    What does beard softener do?

    Beard Softener can maintain your beard healthily nourished, itch-free, and gives a natural shine. It even moisturises the skin underneath. The fact is that this product is specially designed for the beard and face.

    Who can use beard softener?

    Anyone with a short or long beard or moustache, those who feel itching or discomfort because of the facial hair, those who feel tightness in the skin underneath, those who have dandruff in the beard, those who like to have a smooth and shiny beard, and also those who need a beard to smell fresh and pleasant can use beard softener.

    Key benefits of natural beard softener

    Natural beard softener nourishes and moisturises the beard, smooths the stubble on the face, maintains a healthy shine, manageable to comb the beard easily, better effect on hair thickness and growth, stops irritation and dry skin, heals the skin underneath, flexible to style the beard and also gives a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.

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    Common ingredients can find in natural beard softener

    Shea butter

    Shea butter is a natural beard softener that stimulates impressive hair growth and helps you avoid losing hair. It moisturizes dry and broken hair along with the skin underneath and works as a hair and skin protector.

    Cocoa butter

    Cocoa butter does miracles with the beards as it is perfect for keeping them healthy and soft in the process. The vitamin E in it supports the skin beneath and free it from irritations causing free radicals. It also works as a conditioner that can make the hair stronger and fuller.

    Olive oil

    Olive oil on your beard can nourish and moisturize it cause a soft and shiny beard. It is a natural emollient that makes your beard less itchy. The vitamin E in it boosts beard growth by penetrating hair follicles and stimulating them. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help to control dandruff and improve skin tissue underneath the beard.

    Castor oil

    Castor oil can fight off bacteria or fungal growth on the skin that protects your follicles from damage. So it can hold your beard healthy, and it’s one of the best natural oil for beard growth.

    Almond oil

    Almond oil stimulates beard growth as it is rich in protein, biotin, and magnesium. The antimicrobial properties of this oil can prevent and reduce bacteria and rashes from the skin underneath. It also keeps the pores clean by removing the dead cells that block the pore and preventing moisture from getting into them.

    Carrot Seed oil

    Carrot Seed oil contains vitamin A, E, and beta-carotene that improves skin and hair quality. These nutrients have moisturising power that works well on beards to enhance their texture and appearance.

    Cinnamon oil

    Cinnamon oil is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antiviral that holds the compounds to increase circulation and lead to a healthy beard and a healthy face underneath. It makes hair grow faster without itchiness or dandruff.

    Tea Tree oil

    Tea tree is perfect for beard growth as it stimulates and increases blood flow to the skin. It also improves the conditions for hair follicles to boost and grow. It treats inflammation of the pores and allows weed out ingrown hair follicles too. Tea Tree oil in the beard can make you feel healthy, light, and non-greasy.


    The hair follicles get all the minerals, nutrients, and oxygen they need for proper growth as Vitamin E improves blood circulation.

    Hibiscus extract

    The natural amino acids in Hibiscus nourish the beard hair with nutrients and stimulate the overall consistency of hair strands. It can also make the beard more manageable as it contains a high amount of mucilage that acts as a natural conditioner.

    Amla extract

    Amla can treat hair loss and promote beard growth to give an intense look.

    Aloe Vera extract

    Aloe Vera supports stimulating follicles and promotes hair growth.

    Other essential oils

    Essential oils are one of the main ingredients added to the beard softener as they moisturise and create a pleasant aroma. Each of these oils has unique properties that are beneficial for beard growth and its look.

    Shutran, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Pine, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Sage and Tea tree are some of the best natural essential oils valuable for beard growth.

    How to use a beard softener?

    Apply the desired amount of beard softener directly, working it through your facial hair down to the skin, and massage gently to make the hair manageable and soft. It’s best applied to towel-dried hair, and wooden combing is crucial to get the product evenly distributed. Beard Softener can also use as a leave-in conditioner.

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