How to boost beard growth?

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How to Boost Beard Growth

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    How to boost beard growth?

    In bearded life, most men are wondering how to grow a beard faster. Growing a thick, magnificent, and bold beard can be challenging. You can have a stylish and good-looking beard if you provide specific care and dedication although growing it naturally.

    3 Stages of beard growth

    The anagen phase

    Anagen means the growing phase that specifies how long your beard will grow. The cells in the root of hair follicles divide at a speed rate during this phase, which can continue from two to six years, possibly even more. If you feel like your beard doesn’t grow for a certain length during this stage then, you have a shorter anagen phase than those whose beards grow great.

    The catagen phase

    The next phase of your beard growth cycle is Catagen. This stage is as short as 2-3 weeks on average. Hair growth ends through the catagen phase, and they are no longer in the active phase. Hair strands grow separated from the hair follicles and connect to the skin called club hair.

    The telogen phase

    Hair begins its final step named the Telogen phase. This phase starts with a relaxing period, where club hairs hold in the root while new hair begins to grow beneath it. This phase continues for about 3 – 4 months.

    What can affect beard growth?

    Several factors impact how quick or dense your beard hair grows in, including:


    Your hair follicle growth is produced into your genes, so if your parents or grandparents on each side had any problem growing a beard, there will be possibilities to have a problem. Some of the genetic conditions can damage follicles, produce a lot of development in your pores, occur in low levels of hormones like testosterone (hypogonadism) that can restrain beard growth.


    Cortisol from stress may cause your hair to fall out and harm your overall hair health.


    Various skin types have their own needs. But moisturized, healthy skin nourished by extra nutrients of natural skincare products may grow healthier hair than dull, broken, untreated skin.

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    Types of beard men looking for?

    Most men are looking for thicker and fuller beards, to stimulate new beard growth, fix patchy beards and bald spots or get the pre-existing beard to grow faster.

    Tips on how to grow beards healthy

    Check out some natural therapies for beard growth that can help in growing the beard extensive, healthy, and thick.


    For proper functioning, you need to give a good massage by using the best natural oil for beards. By massaging facial muscles, it improves blood circulation to the face, which can stimulate new facial hair growth.

    Washing and moisturizing

    Wash your beard using a mild beard wash twice a day. Clean skin can stimulate beard growth as beard wash is designed especially with your beard in mind. It offers a cleanse manageable for your face and can control the thicker, more dense beard hairs. Some best natural oil for beards may improve beard growth faster. And also better to apply a layer of premium beard softener on top. The moisturizer is the base, and the beard softener adds more additional beard growth and maintenance benefits. 


    The diet should be well-balanced and healthy as it affects the growth of your beard. Make sure that your diet is nutrient-rich so your body can get all the essential vitamins and nutritional support for healthy facial hair. Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene support in managing and improving skin tissue to provide better hair growth. 

    Vitamins B6, B12, and Biotin encourage the development of new skin cells, hair and also reduce stress to stop hair loss. Vitamins C and E boost sebum generation to give our beard a full and dense look. Protein consumption is another solution to improving your beard growth as our hair includes keratin, a protein made up of amino acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the overall growth of facial hair. They give stability for cell membranes to avoid any beard dryness or brittleness.


    Exercise increases blood flow and helps to stimulate hair follicle growth. Weightlifting and strength training may briefly boost testosterone.

    Sleep quality

    Good relaxing sleep may help restore damaged skin cells and boost beard growth. Beards may grow faster when you are relaxed as hair reveals stress. 

    Quitting smoking

    If you have a habit of smoking it can badly impair the growth of your beard as smoking reduces blood circulation in your body.

    Beard products for growth & boost

    Beard wash

    Beard wash is composed specially for your facial hair to maintain its good condition. It supports natural oils that keep the beard healthy, strong, and more attractive.

    Beard growth oil

    Beard growth oil is a good conditioner that you can apply to moisturize and soften beard hair. It also helps in moisturizing the skin underneath your beard. You may use beard growth oil to promote beard growth and maintain a fuller, softer, and tamer beard.

    Beard wax

    Beard wax generally styles your beard in the desired shape and holds perfection. It keeps your beard looking great and gives a stronghold that preserves from harsh weather conditions.

    Beard softener

    Natural beard softener nourishes and moisturizes the beard. It also moisturizes the skin underneath. You can also use beard softener as a leave-in conditioner.

    Beard serum

    Beard serum can remove frizz and dryness from your beard and enhance its texture to make it smooth without being greasy. It also gives the much-needed moisture to maintain and boost your beard growth. 

    Beards stand for manliness! A fully grown mustache and beard is a source of glorious satisfaction, and it made ‘how to boost beard growth’ one of the most popular search phrases on Google. Above discussed beard growth tips may help you get a clear idea of what you are searching for. Maintain your chosen shape of beard and boost them to grow faster naturally with Beard growth serum.

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