Tips on How to Choose the Right Shampoo

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How to Choose the Right Shampoo

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    If you are a woman, you will know the dissimilarities between a natural soothing shampoo and a commercial product that is not suitable for your skin. Usually, however, it is effortless to drive into inaccurate purchases, dictated by the lack of understanding of the substances within the shampoo and the specific requirements of our hair. Each hair resembles its shampoo, and today we will see how to choose the correct one for us.


    If you suffer from sensitive skin, you will have already witnessed that the problem tends to worsen by using too aggressive shampoos, creating an actual lasting discomfort. However, do not stress because there are excellent shampoos for those suffering from sensitive skin.

    A soothing shampoo with physiological pH that gently washes also provides a natural rejuvenating action.

    Why pick it?

    • Soothe your skin
    • Decongestion
    • Moisturizes the hair
    • Relieves


    If you need to cleanse your hair very frequently, for instance, because you work in a surrounding with many solid scents or if you practice sports or regular workout the advice is to use as much as feasible a mild shampoo, which is not too fierce and that in the long run does not harm the scalp.

    Gentle shampoos wash and bring the skin’s hydro-lipid film back to its natural equilibrium. Too frequent hair washes are not recommended, but it is essential to use a soothing professional shampoo to preserve strength and smoothness.


    How beautiful is colored hair? Dyeing one’s hair is not a fashion but a wish to show the proper side of one’s personality. So the recommendation is: always dare! Be cautious, however, because colored hair needs the suitable shampoo to shrink and not to lose the glow.

    For colored hair, there are exact shampoos that, first of all, protect from the sun’s rays. The sun is, in fact, the first accountable for color degradation, so you need an explicit defense that regular shampoos do not have. Detailed shampoos for colored hair also contain pigments that support the color. 


    If your follicle turns out to live okay, the choice is required: volumizing shampoo. Volumizing shampoos are flawless for that hair that tend to flatten, raising the hair and providing it more air.

    Fine hair, yet, is not just an aesthetic element. They may need to be strengthened and covered throughout to be less fragile and avoid detachment. 


    If your hair is dull, you need an enlightening and nourishing shampoo to be used vigorously until it reaches the scalp and moistens it.

    Extra tip:

    Always survey out for the label!

    Choosing the correct shampoo is not easy, but you will not go bad if you follow our advice. However, we want to give you further guidance to help you recognize the most satisfactory shampoos that fit your needs.

    First of all, pay attention to the pH, which can vary depending on the treatment to which you subject your hair. Usually, hairdressers use harsh chemical shampoos to compensate for the act of bleaching products, while after coloring, they manage not to use greasy products that could lighten it. Nevertheless, it must be said that oily shampoos help curl after a specific period, so be very careful what you desire.

    If you can’t see your way about it, remember that your hair is acidic, with a pH of 3.67. The choice of a pH 5.5 allows getting shampoos that do not change the characteristics of the hydrolipidic film, one of the leading causes of irritation and dehydration of the hair.

    Carefully reading the shampoo label helps comprehend if the abbreviations SLS and SLES, surfactants, and foaming agents could be aggressive for some scalp. It is possible to find parabens among the preservatives, which can cause an irritating effect in some matters.

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