Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine?

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Why Conditioner is Must in Hair Care Routine

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    Do you question the importance of conditioners? The response is true! In order to have silky, lustrous, and healthy hair, conditioner is a must. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, hair conditioners make your hair more manageable and give it a more natural sheen and gloss.

    Your hair gets weighed down by a number of things, including changes in the weather, environmental pollution, heating equipment, powerful chemicals, etc. You battle with your damaged, brittle, and coarse hair as a result.

    We recognize that maintaining your hair can be quite frustrating. Put your concerns to rest because we have created the ideal guide for you.

    What is a conditioner for hair?

    A hair care product called a hair conditioner aids in hydrating and nourishing your hair to make them appear healthier, softer, and silkier. In order to replenish moisture, hair conditioners are made with hydrating and moisturizing substances that permeate the hair shaft and inner layers of the hair.

    According to specialists in hair care, using conditioners after shampooing is crucial to preventing dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. The moisture and oil content that is lost during shampooing is replenished with the aid of a conditioner.

    Types of conditioners

    1. Deep Conditioner – Deep conditioners provide hydration to the deeper layers of your hair, as their name suggests. Such conditioners are thought to be the best for repairing damaged hair from chemical treatments, colouring, and heat styling.
    2. Cleansing Conditioner – It is sometimes referred to as the “no-poo method,” “CO Washing,” or “conditioner-only Washing.” Cleaning conditioners are thought to be a crucial component of curly hair care.
    3. Leave-In Conditioner – These conditioners are made with mild, all-natural moisturizing elements that improve the texture of your hair while forming a protective layer around each strand. The main advantage of leave-in conditioners is that they shield your hair from all environmental harm, such as UV radiation, pollution, and climatic changes.
    4. Dry Conditioner – Oil and aerosol are typically found in a dry conditioner. Without wetting your hair, they aid in hydrating and adding shine.

    Benefits Of Hair Conditioners

    Benefits Of Hair Conditioners

      1. Protects the Cuticles – The most crucial function of conditioners, among their many advantages, is cuticle protection. The outermost layer of hair comprises overlapping cells that resemble scales called a cuticle. These cells serve as a defense mechanism, preventing harm to the medulla and cortex, the innermost layer of layers. Your hair appears shiny and silky when the cuticle is healthy. It is well recognised that significant elements including dehydration, harsh environmental conditions, chemical treatments, etc. cause the cuticle to be damaged and open up. Your hair seems frizzy and brittle due to these exposed cuticles. Most importantly, conditioning chemicals help to seal the cuticle by creating a protective layer around your hair.
      2. Imparts Instant Shine to Hair All you need is an excellent hair conditioner if your problem is dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Intense hydration and vital nutrients are provided by conditioners to enhance the texture and appearance of your hair. The International Journal of Trichology study also explains how conditioners make it easier to untangle and reduce frizz on your hair. Additionally, conditioners assist in neutralizing the negative charge that contributes to friction in the hair cuticles. Your hair becomes silky and lustrous after conditioning, making it very simple to style them.

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    1. Prevents Hair Breakage – Your hair is more prone to frizz, split ends, and breaking when it is tangled. Your hair is better protected from such harm with conditioning. Regular conditioner use results in silky, tangle-free hair. Adding a Natural Hair Growth Serum to your daily hair care routine can also help you enhance your hair growth.
    2. Repairs Chemically and Heat-Damaged Hair – The cuticle layers of your hair suffer serious damage from chemical treatments and excessive use of heat styling equipment. Your hair becomes very dry, fragile, and thin as a result of this. Fortunately, hair conditioners are fantastic at restoring life to chemically and heat-damaged hair. Use conditioners frequently to calm your dry, dehydrated hair.
    3. Keep the Hair Moisturized – Your shampoo’s surfactants remove the vital oils from your hair and scalp. Your hair strands can regain some of their lost moisture with the aid of a conditioner. bolstering your hair strands also reduces hair loss.

    Hair conditioners are hair care products that serve to enhance the strength, luster, and texture of hair. According to experts, the type and needs of your hair completely determine whether or not you should use hair conditioning treatments. After every head wash, it is advised to use a conditioner on hair that is severely damaged and coarse.

    The protective coating conditioner leaves on top of each hair strand shielding it from the elements and heat from hot water and styling equipment while it smooths out the cuticle layer of your hair. Your hair will remain silky and lustrous for longer if there is less damage. Strengthen.

    Your hair’s ends should be treated with conditioner. 10 to 30 minutes are recommended; see the product label for specific instructions. Wash the conditioner with water.

    Some of you may already know that shampoo actually depletes the hair of its natural oils. This can be avoided by using conditioner first because it adds a protective layer. This keeps your hair moisturized and properly nourished.

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