Why Your Skin Care Stopped Working

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Why Your Skin Care Stopped Working

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    Do you have facial patches and pimples that just appeared out of nowhere? Do you have itchy, inflamed skin? Are our skin care products failing to make your skin seem better?

    If so, avoid cursing your skincare supplies. Your skincare routine isn’t doing its job effectively.

    The most important steps in the skincare process are picking a skincare regimen and skin care products based on your skin type. Here’s how. A flawless skincare regimen that is effective for your friend’s skin might not be effective for your skin. Additionally, you are liable to commit errors that you aren’t even aware of.

    You may find it annoying since you spent a lot of time and money on it. Instead of feeling irritated, you should analyze the causes behind it and find out the regular mistakes you are making. Let’s examine the causes of your skincare routine’s failure and how to resolve them so that you may once again reap its rewards.

    Top 6 Reasons Why your Skincare Regimen is Failing

    Top 8 Reasons Why your Skincare Regimen is Failing

      1. Your Skin Circadian Rhythm is Disturbed – Are you aware? Your body has a biological clock, also known as a circadian rhythm, that controls a number of processes, including digestion, hormone levels, eating patterns, body temperature, and daily cycles of sleeping and waking.  Your skin has a circadian rhythm much like the rest of your body. Your skin is in defensive mode during the day because it is exposed to numerous environmental aggressors; but, during the night, it is in recovery mode since it is repairing the damage it sustained during the day. However, alterations in your daily routine and external circumstances might throw off the circadian cycles of your skin. For instance, jet lag, night shift work hours, sleep difficulties, and nighttime light from electronic devices can throw off your skin’s biological clock and interfere with the activity of clock genes that control its ability to operate throughout the day and at night.
      2. You Have an Imbalanced Hormonal System – The chemical messengers known as hormones are essential for carrying out a number of bodily functions, including metabolism, growth, development, sexual function, reproduction, and mood. They have an impact on not just how your body functions, but also on how healthy your skin is. For example, an increase in androgen production might result in excessive sebum production, which makes your face greasy and prone to acne. Here is a healthy skincare routine for acne-prone skin in case you are also having acne problems. Sometimes, skin problems are not caused by your skincare regimen but rather a hormonal imbalance. So what do you do? You should see a dermatologist in this case. He or she may be able to predict whether a certain hormone is out of balance and offer possible treatments.

        1. You’re Not Doing Anything About Climate Change – Your skincare regimen is defined by both the climatic conditions and your skincare issues. Your skincare routine’s effectiveness is hampered by environmental conditions including dampness and UV radiation. Educate yourself about the harm that UV radiation may do to your skin. Your skin is more prone to dryness in the winter because of low humidity, whereas comedones and acne outbreaks are more common in the summer because of an excess of perspiration and sebum production. Similar to how heavy moisturizers and hydration lotions may not function as effectively in hot and muggy conditions as they do in winter.
        2. Your Skin is Not Properly Cleansed – The first and most crucial step in any skin care regimen is cleansing your skin. Before using any additional beauty care products, your skin must be thoroughly cleaned. The appropriate facial cleanser aids in removing debris and excess oil that has accumulated on your face, preventing skin issues. Even if you use the greatest face cream or face serum, it won’t help you much if your face isn’t properly washed first. In the worst scenarios, acne, dull skin, and blocked pores are likely to occur. The oxidants present in neem extracts protect your skin from pollution, stress, and sun exposure. Neem Face Pack is an effective cure for sun tanning or sunburn.

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        1. You’re Using an Expired Product – Similar to food, skin care products have a shelf life and lose some of their effectiveness over time. Before utilizing a product, it is crucial to check the label for an expiration date to avoid wasting your time and resources on something that won’t function as intended. Using out-of-date products can harm your skin and cause irritation, breakouts, and acne. The active components a skincare product contains determine its shelf life, which varies. The scent, colour, consistency, and other aspects of your product may all help you decide how long it will last. It’s time to stop using the product if you detect a change in any of these elements.
        2. You Aren’t Paying Attention To External Changes – The effectiveness of your skincare routine might be hampered by environmental variables such as climate change, pollution, dust, and more. While the winter months may make the skin red, dry, and irritated, the hot and muggy summer months can result in oily skin. When used in the dry months, a moisturizer that was effective during the monsoon may suddenly give you acne. To maintain your skin looking its best, it’s critical to be aware of these elements and make the required adjustments. You can use Neem Body Wash for your shower.

    Dermatologists indicate that your skin care regimen and products are not working if you are getting more breakouts, observing discolouration and uneven skin tone, suffering itching, irritation, redness, and stinging. Your skincare regimen has to be updated.

    Skin purging happens when you lose more dead skin cells than normal because recently introduced skincare components speed up your skin’s cell turnover. According to Chang, this causes further breakouts by pushing the top layers of dead skin off and exposing blocked pores.

    Why it could not be working: If the product is pilling, this indicates that it is not soaking into the skin adequately and is thus not producing effects.

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