What does beard serum do?

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What does beard serum do

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    What does beard serum do?

    Beard style has become trendy all over the world. Look around, and notice most of the men have perfectly groomed beards. A man with a massively grown and well-groomed beard seems more masculine. Also, most of the women find it attractive too. 

    Your beard deserves more attention! For that, beard serum is the solution you are looking for as it fights against all your beard growth worries. Its formulation has incredibly natural ingredients that work on the hair follicle stem cells to improve hair growth and repair damaged hair. It helps to keep the skin underneath healthy and oil-free too.

    The features of the Best Beard Serum

    Beard serum can stimulate the beard roots with its effective ingredients and provides strengthening and nourishment of the beard. It also regenerates and rejuvenates dehydrated and dried skin affected by your beard hair. It works great against dandruff, preventing pimples or similar formations. Moreover, it gives the beard a lively and shiny appearance. Long or short beard, beard serum is necessary for men grooming kits for all the incredible men who care for their beard and face.

    Beard serum can manage difficulties associated with hair growth by improving the blood flow to the hair follicles. This serum would be the best option for those who have the problem of hair thinning or hair loss, and men who need to enhance their facial hair growth and have better skincare.

    Beard Serum for Oily Skin

    Those with oily skin should choose light oil as a base of the serum. Oils like coconut and jojoba are light oils compared to other oils. It is better to choose an essential oil that controls the gland. Lemon, peppermint, and geranium essential oils are light and the best.

    Beard Serum for Dry Skin

    Those with dry hair split ends and breakage should pick thick, concentrated, and moisturising oils as the serum base, such as castor oil. For dry skin, essential oils like rosewood and lavender work better.

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    Let’s check some essential ingredients of a beard serum

    It is necessary to choose the best beard growth products to suit your skin type. The ability of beard growth serum depends on its ingredients, so you better make sure you have got the right choice for your skin to reap the advantages.


    The elements in Redensyl work well for hair growth, hair restoration, and hair conditioning which gives successful results in beard growth. It works on hair follicle cells to reactivate hair division by stimulating the primary hair growth stage. It manages over the telogen phase too.

    Flaxseed oil

    Flaxseed oil is a solid combination of vitamins and nutrients that helps in healthy facial hair faster and stronger. Flaxseed oil gives nutrition to hair follicles as it is loaded with fatty acids, protein, and selenium, which helps in reducing hair loss and controlling dandruff. Its vitamin E content gives extra nourishment and moisturizes the strands.

    Neroli oil

    Neroli oil has naturally calming and purifying properties that can help relieve flakes and itchiness affected by dryness and dandruff.


    Thyme is one of the necessary ingredients of a beard serum that carries Vitamin-E to promote hair nourishment.

    Apple green

    Apple green gives your beard an extremely moisturised appearance and smells amazing.

    Aloe Vera extract

    Aloe Vera is an excellent choice when it comes to moisturising facial hair. It replenishes and nourishes the dry skin underneath the beard and gives some moisture and shine instantly to the beard hair fibres.


    Amla oil reduces hair fall as it’s rich in vitamin C. Its general use will help beard hair grow thicker.


    Hibiscus helps in increasing the growth of the beard by re-energizing and restoring it.


    Vitamin E moisturizes the facial hair entirely and also reduces beard itchiness and beard dandruff.


    Vitamin B will grow and condition facial hair to boost beard growth by providing nutrients.

    Essential oils

    Each essential oil gives unique benefits to beards with some attractive scents. The essential oils are chosen as per their strong scents that give a manly smell to beards.

    How to use beard serum?

    The most crucial thing is that you need to apply the beard serum that is suitable for your own needs. When you grow a beard, you need to apply the serum on both the hair strands and skin, so it can reach the deep epidermis layer of your skin.

    Take a few drops of beard serum, apply all over your beard, and massage with circular movements to feed into your skin. Use your fingers or a beard comb to set the beard.

    How often should you use beard serum?

    It’s better to apply beard serum twice a day in the morning and at night. Clean your beard before applying the serum, and let the beard serum start its magic! 

    As we read above, the beard serum is used to prevent dry and damaged hair. Some men start using it when their hair turns dull or tangled. Others may apply it to preserve it from too much heat caused by using hair styling products and gadgets.It makes the beard look bright and healthier. It also protects the beard from dust and moisture. 

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