How to Stop Hair Breakage and Loss

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How to Stop Hair Breakage and Loss

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    A common issue faced by every age individual nowadays is hair breakage and hair fall. Are you also concerned with the same? Maintaining your hair healthy in the right way is the toughest task. Everyone needs a solution to hair breakage. To switch from hair breakage to healthy hair, you need to have a healthy diet and a correct hair care regimen to achieve back your healthy and strong hair. 

    Here, you will get to know what causes hair breakage and how you can regain your strong hair again. There are numerous different reasons why your hair is dry, frizzy, and prone to split ends.

    Here are some of the most common causes why you are facing hair breakage:

    Hair Breakage Cause

    • Improper Diet

    You must have a proper diet that consists of enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Improper diet can cause hair breakage and even hair loss. Following a diet rich in iron, zinc and folic acid can make your hair healthy, skinnier, and stronger. Ingest foods that are affluent in antioxidants, minerals, and proteins.

    • Brushing Your Hair Too Much

    Brushing your hair too much can irritate your skin and scalp which results in hair breakage. Brushing more and brushing too hard will make your hair strands weak and will damage it from the roots. Hence, you must brush your hair gently and not brush it frequently.

    • Dry Hair

    Dry hair is rough and weakens the hair strands that tend to hair damage and hair breakage. Hair dryness can be caused by several factors such as using chemical-treated shampoo, washing your hair frequently, combing often, washing with hot water, skipping conditioner. 

    • Excessive Use of Hair Styling Tools

    More often use hair styling tools at extreme temperatures that can weaken your hair strands. Investing in a heat protectant, natural hair serum will moisturize your hair and will prevent your hair from damaging.

    • Not Drying Hair Naturally

    You must dry your hair naturally, avoiding a hairdryer. Do not rub your hair with a towel it can also damage your hair. 

    Quick Tip:

    Never tie your wet hair. Don’t twist your hair, let them free.


    • Chemical Treatments

    Chemical treatments damage your hair. Exposure to harmful chemicals and heat can damage your hair and weaken them. You must avoid chemical treatments for healthy hair.

    What does Hair Breakage look like?

    If you notice having split ends, you are facing hair breakage and hair loss. While combing hair if you notice broken pieces of hair then hair breakage concern is met. Other than this if your hair is too dry and frizzy then you are having a hair breakage issue. 

    How To Treat Hair Breakage?

    • Follow A Natural Hair Care Routine

    Natural Hair Care Routine

    Use a Shampoo for Hair breakage that not only cleanses your scalp but also hydrates your hair with a blend of nutrition. Incredible Man Hair Shampoo includes Rice water, Amla, Tulsi, Peppermint that will strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair breakage. Rice water will make your hair soft, smooth and boost your hair growth. 

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    • Condition your Hair

    Deep-conditioning provides your hair with the much-needed protein and nutrients. It helps in strengthening your hair and penetrating the nutrients deep into the shaft to repair damaged hair. Practicing deep-conditioning regularly will make your hair softer and free of breakage. You can buy a ready-made deep-conditioner formulated specifically for your hair type or try out these home remedies.

    Conditioning provides your hair with nutrients that moisturize your hair and repair them. It will make your hair manageable, healthy, and free of hair breakage. Onion Hair Conditioner can repair and nourish your hair tresses. It will prevent your dry, frizzy hair and make them healthy and stronger.

    • Add Vitamins to your Diet


    Vitamins in your diet will reduce hair breakage and will enhance your hair health. Biotins and Vitamins can contribute to improving your hair growth and reducing your hair fall. Consume in your everyday diet or have them as a supplement. 

    Having a proper diet, and a natural hair care routine is a perfect hair breakage solution.

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