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Prevent Dull Skin

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    Does your skin look dull and with an uneven skin texture? Or lack of glow and radiance? You might be wondering what causes your skin to look dull. There are various causes of unhealthy skin, and it has numerous skin glowing solutions. Using natural ingredients in your skin routine can make your skin brighter and glowy.

    Dull Skin Causes

    Multiple factors can cause your skin to be pale or dull, ranging from poor skincare routine to the accumulation of dead cells. Below is an overview of the major causes of dull skin and how to make your skin glow.

    Various aspects cause your skin to dim or fade. That includes dead skin cells, dehydration, improper diet, imperfect skincare routine. Have a look at the dull skin causes in brief below, and brighten your skin by avoiding them.

    Dead Skin Cells on Face

    Skin refreshes naturally over time and clears the dead cells to generate new cells. At that time, the dead cells do not leave the skin and build upon the top layer of the skin. This results in dehydrated and dull, pale skin. Regularly exfoliating the skin will reduce dead skin cells.

    Lack of Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is one of the best skincare routines to clear out all the dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. You can exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients which would be the best option. Use a mild coffee face scrub that will eliminate your dead skin cells. As above stated once the dead skin cells are eliminated, new cells are developed, and that results in brighter skin. 

    Quick Tip on Exfoliation:

    Always cleanse your face before exfoliating and avoid the delicate skin area around the eyes.

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    Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Dull Skin

    Vitamin Deficiency is also an important factor that makes your skin look dull. The changes in our body impact the skin texture. Vitamin B & C supports healthy skin. Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient that repairs your skin damage and nourishes your skin. It stimulates collagen production that declines the wrinkles, thickens the layer of the skin(epidermis), and helps your skin regain the radiant look. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties that protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You must include Vitamin C in your diet, and in your skincare routine too. The deficiency of Vitamin C will cause your skin to dull and dry.

    Vitamin B does improve skin conditions, hydrates the skin, maintains the glow, prevents your skin from different skin infections and skin irritation. There are different types of Vitamin B including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B7. Hence, Vitamin B is also vital for the skin.

    How Can You Prevent Dull Skin?


    You can prevent your skin from becoming dull in the following ways:

    1. Choosing the perfect Skin Brightening Face Wash.
    2. Wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen.
    3. Always stay hydrated.
    4. Exfoliating your skin with a mild and natural face scrub.
    5. Use a hydrating face mask that gives an instant glow.
    6. Cleansing your makeup before going to bed.
    7. Supporting healthy lifestyle habits.
    8. Consuming a nutritious diet

    How to Treat Skin Dullness

    Foremost, treat your skin dullness, understand your skin type and understand what your skin lacks. Check out the skincare regime, if it consists of vitamins that your skin needs. If your skin is dry, pick a perfect skin moisturizer and also a face scrub to exfoliate it. You may also keep in mind that you do not over-exfoliate. Use natural ingredients such as coffee, neem, charcoal, honey, papaya, orange in your daily skincare that would keep your skin hydrating and refreshing the whole day. Other than this, avoid harsh chemical products that make your skin dry. 

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