How to Get Rid of Pigmentation on Face

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Get Rid of Pigmentation

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    What Skin Pigmentation Means?

    The human body produces a natural pigment: “Melanin”. The quantity of melanin production defines the texture of your skin, hair, and eye. It is specified that excess melanin production results in dark patches on the skin. The increase in melanin production depends on various factors that cause pigmentation concerns on the face and body.

    How Skin Pigmentation Occurs?

    The top layer of skin is pigmentation. Excess production of Melanin occurs when external disruption emerges on the skin’s surface. It acts as a physical barrier to external disturbance.

    Read below for more causes of pigmentation on the skin.

    What Causes Pigmentation on the Face?


    Sun Damage/Exposure to UV Rays

    Exposure to sunlight from UV rays can cause hyperpigmentation as you age. Generally, sun spots, freckles, melasma, and sun lentigines are caused. These are the common types of pigmentations. The Ultraviolet rays damage the cell known as melanocytes that produce skin pigments Melanin. When the skin absorbs the UV light, the skin cells get damaged. Hence, pigmentation occurs. 

    Hormonal Changes

    Pigmentation occurs during hormonal changes. Hormones activate melasma, which results in dark patches on the skin. For example: during pregnancy, women face this.

    Skin Inflammation and Wound Healing

    Acne, skin scars, eczema, psoriasis are the skin inflammation that causes spots and patches. Skin inflammation causes a fluctuation in producing pigments that cause hyperpigmentation. 


    Medicines can also harm your skin. Generally, drugs are taken for treating thyroid or ovarian concerns. Some of the medications can make your skin sensitive, and they can cause melasma.

    For preventing your skin from pigmentation, you must avoid going out in the sun, treat your acne in a definite way naturally, avoid having medications that damage your skin.


    Pigmentation is a skin concern that can’t be cured by treatments, therapies, or home remedies. This may help you lighten the dark patches but won’t help you eliminate them. You must be patient and be careful about what you are using. You can use Natural Papaya Face wash that will reduce your pigmentation concerns. 

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