Superfoods to eat for beard growth

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Superfoods to eat for beard growth

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    How long have you been waiting for your beard to grow? Normally, a beard grows about ½ inch per 30 days on average, but sometimes it can take longer depending on your age, genetics, diet, and shaving routine. It might take months and a few years of patient waiting before you grow a thick, long, and manly beard. 

    Is beard growth easy for everyone?

    Everyone can grow a beard, but it may be easier for those who are mature. The research reveals that young men below the age of 20 should wait for as long as they may not be through puberty.

    Everyone’s beard grows at different lengths, speeds, thicknesses, and angles. So a full beard might take time for everyone to grow. Even those who grow a beard quickly recognize that their beards still have patches or need more grooming. Also, it is more difficult to keep it sharp and smart.

    Beard growth factors

    As we are curious to know the products for beard growth, we should have knowledge of beard growth factors too. So it may make us work on them easily to get the desired beard growth. Let’s look into them.


    Some research has shown there are vitamins for beard growth and food for hair growth that may support your hair follicles. You should start having protein regularly, spinach, and strawberries, etc.


    Hormones change at some point! When you get into puberty, you may have a simpler time growing hair, but it may be a patchy beard. Suppose, if you have a testosterone deficiency or feel fatigued besides weak hair growth, you better consult a doctor because there can be underlying medical conditions affecting your slow rate of growth.


    If the men in your family have thick beards, you can assume that they grow beards similar to them. Research shows that genetics and hormones work together. But still, if your family men have full beards, but you can hardly grow any hair; that can be another issue.


    Most men feel it is difficult to grow a full beard until their mid-age of the 30s, and some are in their 40s. In the early 20s or teens, your beard may start the early steps of continuing to get thicker as you age.

    Improve your diet for beard growth

    As beard products are important, it’s required to improve the diet of the man regardless of his beard density. The objectives of a manly diet are to increase testosterone, decrease estrogen (though it needs some), let the pores clear up, and improve the fullness and life of the beard hair. Let’s see some improvements that you can develop with,

    Drink more water

    Drinking enough water is the main careless point in your diet that you don’t follow. This can change your hormone levels, energy to detox, and the production of oils on your skin. This is the reason why most people add essential oils in their daily routine.
    Beard growth oil does work in growing a beard faster and thicker.

    Eat less salt

    The problem here is that salt is discharged from the pores. This can create crystalline formations to be built around the follicles which harm and increase beard hair falls.

    Omega 6 vs Omega 3

    Fats may be good for health, but not all fats are alike. Omega 6 compressed foods may improve estrogen in men who have lower testosterone levels. Testosterone is an important element in a man’s health to grow a strong, healthy beard. 

    So, lessen eating chicken and vegetable oils that contain Omega 6, and add more oysters and salmon to your diet which contains Omega 3 as it’s necessary to overall growth, including facial hair.

    Need more Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is not a diet problem, but your absence of direct sunlight matters for most men to get a vitamin D3 supplement as it is a total necessity for hormone creation.

    Need more Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is great for reducing inflammation. The presence of inflammation in the body may produce the hormone cortisol. But cortisol results reduce testosterone production and uptake. But Vitamin C improves good testosterone levels.

    It’s better to add fewer grains, rice, and corn. Fiber-rich foods may bind to zinc and stop its absorption. Zinc, along with Magnesium, is important to testosterone generation. Most men take zinc in foods or by a supplement, but that doesn’t make any effect if you add a bagel or toast along with zinc-rich food. So the solution is better to eat zinc-rich foods like meat, nuts, and eggs separate from any grains.

    Brazil nuts for Silicon

    Selenium is another important mineral that is lacking in most of your diets, but you can simply get it without a supplement. One Brazil nut has almost the daily recommended selenium intake. Selenium and zinc are mostly connected with healthy testosterone levels. 

    Reduction of sugar

    Refined white sugar or just any sugar added to meals can cause a drop in testosterone. This is only for a short period, but there is a long-term impact as well. If you have developed fat due to high caloric intake, that may cause more estrogen to be produced.

    Quit vaping and smoking

    Nicotine harms hair growth as it lets capillaries shrink, which reduces required blood flow to new hair.

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    Superfood can add to your diet

    Your diet and the foods that you eat directly impact beard growth. As beard growth has to do with the many hormones in our body, the food we consume supports improving the two more main hormones, DHT and testosterone. You should eat the right food to impact your hormone levels and to provide necessary beard nutrients to the follicles. 


    Various researches have proved that egg yolks work for hair growth as they contain biotin and vitamin D, in addition to many other vitamins and minerals. So eggs have everything you need for higher testosterone and biotin production.


    Almonds are rich in great nutrients and they are the top choice. Even if you like the taste of salt, roast, or spice, almonds have a ton of biotin. Peanuts, green beans, walnuts, and pecans also have enough amounts of biotin and vitamin E.


    There are so many cooking methods of cauliflower that it can be easy to add to your diet. Also, raw cauliflower holds over 15 micrograms of biotin per serving which helps to absorb other nutrients when eaten beside other food.

    Specific Cheeses

    Dairy products carry a ton of vitamin D and biotin. Some certain cheeses have the optimal levels of biotin. Some of the top cheeses for hair growth are blue cheese, camembert cheese, cheddar cheese, and American cheese.

    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Some researches have proved that 50g of alfalfa sprouts per day can increase testosterone levels considerably. Testosterone improves follicular growth as it’s important for growing thick beard hair.


    Orange is a great fruit that includes many healthy vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, and vitamin B5. You can help your follicles grow stronger by drinking orange juice or eating an orange a day.

    Brazil Nuts

    Like almonds and other nuts, Brazil nuts are wonderfully excellent for hair growth as they contain high selenium. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for the average adult of selenium is 55mcg (micrograms). But a single Brazil nut (approx 4 – 5g) has 77-91 mcg (micrograms) of selenium.


    Raisins carry boron, which is another mineral that can increase levels of free testosterone in the body. Boron components help to improve stronger and thicker hair.

    Animal proteins

    Animal proteins carry large amounts of iron, fatty acids, and biotin which are perfect sources of beard growth nutrients.

    Sweet Potato

    Sweet potatoes are another vegetable side dish to add to your diet if you want to grow longer and thicker beard hair as they contain a high concentration of biotin, beta carotene, and vitamin D. It may also enhance your skin’s appearance.

    Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower seeds have loads of vitamin E that’s great for your skin and overall hair growth. Supposing you don’t like these little seeds, you can still get them into your diet and get the health benefits by simply cooking with sunflower oil.

    Other foods for beard growth

    There are many other food items to add to your grocery list if you want to improve your vitamin and nutrient intake even more.

    Spinach, white button mushrooms, sorghum grain, olive oil, macadamia nuts, broccoli, bok choy, turnip roots, Brussel sprouts, collard greens, kale, and cabbage.

    Final thought…

    Beards may be a lot of pleasures. If you have the genes to grow a beard, then why don’t you take care of it? If you need to grow a beard but get patchy and thin, then you need to make some differences in your diet and routine to give it one more try as you read above.

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