Reasons to Choose Paraben Free Skin Care & Hair Care Products

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Reasons to Choose Paraben Free Skin Care & Hair Care Products

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    What does Paraben Mean?

    Parabens are used as preservatives in beauty and cosmetic products. They are a chemical string of para hydroxy benzoates or para hydroxybenzoic acid. They are commonly found in shampoos, moisturizers, makeup, wax gels, and food preservatives. They are generally used as preservatives in many skin & hair care products.

    Many people are unaware of if their beauty routine has paraben-free products or not. You must be wondering now if you have bought paraben-free skincare and haircare products. Paraben-free products have numerous benefits for skin, hair, and the body. Check out the ten miracles that would never let you step back from buying paraben-free products.

    Have a Healthy Life

    Few of the parabens are even banned for use. As we all know, preservatives are not suitable for our skin every day. The use of Paraben may cause many severe skin problems. The data for Paraben drives cancer is not definitive, yet it is a harmful chemical preservative to the skin, and using it daily may surely be detrimental to the skin. Products with chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and dyes would build their tissues. The way we show concern in what we eat daily, we must also know the ingredients our skin inhales every day.

    Avoid Skin Inflammation & Skin Allergies

    Paraben contains products that may cause skin inflammation and allergies to the skin. Symptoms comprise extreme itching and redness, patches, or swollen bumps on the skin. You must avoid such chemical preservatives skincare products if you have sensitive skin.

    Healthy Hair

    Paraben is harmful to the skin; it is not suitable for hair also. Paraben-free products will keep your hair more vital and healthy. Parabens can cause scalp itchiness or dryness. Before buying any hair products, you must first check the label on them; always Buy Paraben-free Shampoo that will nourish your hair and promote hair growth, whereas chemical-containing shampoo will dry out your scalp and stop your hair growth.

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    Have a Youthful Skin

    The paraben-composed skincare products will make your skin look dull and cause signs of aging. Paraben can cause a decrease in collagen production, and that makes your skin less nutritive. Collagen improves skin health by diminishing wrinkles and dryness. It also has numerous body benefits. It would help if you always went with the natural options to anti-aging creams.

    Pro TIP:

    Drinking plenty of water may fade away from your aging signs.

    Saving the Earth

    Avoiding paraben products can influence the balance of nature. Using paraben-free products can not only make your hair healthy but also keep your surroundings healthy. Scientists have discovered that Paraben is harmful to ocean animals land mammals. Hence, it is not a minor effect. Always choose paraben-free and serve and protect our environment and animals.

    Pay Less

    By heading to paraben-free products, you will notice many benefits. One of them will be spending less on your skincare. For Example, you will never need any cream or ointment for irritated or itchy skin, or else you will never need any hair mask for dry or curly hair.

    Safe for Kids

    Paraben-free products will be safe for kids. You must always check the baby shampoo without parabens as kids have sensitive skin. 

    Paraben is not safe to use; it can cause skin inflammation making your skin delicate, developing rashes, and aging your skin faster.

    There are various natural shampoos available in the market nowadays. Incredible Man Keratin Shampoo is natural, Paraben, and sulfate-free. It has a blend of natural extracts such as Rice water, Amla, Tulsi, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Keratin that will nourish your scalp and restore your hair growth.

    Yes, it is terrible for hair. It quickly gets absorbed by the skin, and it harms your scalp causing hair loss. It may also cause an itchy, dry scalp and fade your natural hair color.

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