Hair Care Tips for Summer | Protect your Hair from Sun

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Hair Care Tips for Summer | Protect your Hair from Sun

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    In summer, the skin is not the only one exposed to UV rays; even the hair must be protected from the sun. Before exposure, it is therefore essential to apply a product that protects the hair from UV rays to create a natural barrier that can moisturize and nourish the hair to preserve the keratin that makes up the hair from the oxidation of free radicals

    Tips for Healthy and Gorgeous Summer Hair

    Photo Protections for the hair should be distributed along the stem, from the roots to the tips, both before exposing yourself to the sun and after a bath, repeating the application after many hours on the beach. The substances that protect from the sun’s rays are, in general, chemical sunscreens. Still, there are also formulas based on vegetable oils, such as argan, and other vegetable fatty substances (kinds of butter, waxes) that enhance the protective action and, at the same time, nourish and recompact the surface scales that act as a barrier to the hair and make it shiny.

    It is also essential to nourish and moisturize the hair even at the end of the day, so after exposure to the sun, through the use of shampoos, compresses, and targeted treatments.

    Why Protect your Hair from the Sun?

    UV rays weaken the hair both deeply and on the surface:

    • In the first case, they damage the bulbs located in the deepest part of the follicles, indispensable for the development of the hair, which loses strength and weakens until it falls. At the same time, the sun alters the keratin and causes a change in the chemical composition of the hair, such as leaving it dry, fragile, and off.
    • As for the stem and the visible part of the hair, the damage can be even more evident, so much so that, without protection, the covering scales of the stem rise, making the hair dry and frizzy while the tips will tend to break.

    In general, even the rise in temperatures is a source of risk for the well-being of our hair since, with the heat, there is a physiological increase in sweating that involves a change in the pH of the scalp, which will tend to get irritated. In addition, the presence of infrared rays during the middle hours of the day overheats the roots, and this can provoke a micro-inflammation of the hair follicles, which in the fall will be reflected in a steeper seasonal fall.

    However, the sun is not the only enemy of our hair: wind, salt, and sand are also stressors for our hair.

    Summer Hair Care for Damaged Hair

    Dryness and loss of shine are contrasted first with a protective action on the beach, then with restorative care at the end of the day in particular; here are some tips:

    1. During the day, it is good to apply UV protection to the hair, then choose specific sunscreens for hair (SPF equal to or greater than 30). The cream ones create a tenacious protective film on the hair fiber and are suitable for those who like to dive in the sea or tan on the beach. Fluids and sprays are ideal for those who prefer to protect their hair without weighing it down.
    2. In the evening, it is essential to cleanse and regenerate the hair. Cleansing with Keratin Shampoo is necessary to eliminate any residue of the sunscreen products used and the impurities that remain trapped in the hair, such as sand, salt, chlorine, and dust carried by the wind. It is necessary to choose rebalancing and emollient formulas, to nourish the hair. Afterward, it is good to apply balms, masks, and regenerating products without rinsing to complete the nutritional action, to compensate for the harmful effects of radiation, and provide medicinal substances of the cuticle and the bark of the hair (such as keratin). The ingredients to look for in the formulas are vegetable oils and butter (jojoba, flax, sesame, shea, castor, etc.) that provide deep nourishment and repair the hydrolipidic film to prevent the fiber from losing water further and drying up. Complexes of plant extracts, vitamins (especially E), and antioxidants counteract, instead, the action of free radicals that accelerates the aging of the bulbs and makes the hair more fragile.

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