Best Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Best Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth

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    Although hair care is not a science for astronauts, many frequently repeat mistakes. So, what do you have to do to have stunning hair and promote hair growth? Don’t like to look at your dull, oily, or dry hair in the mirror? Find out with us how to properly care for your follicle step by step. With cosmetics chosen according to your hair type, along with the proper treatment, you can grow your hair quicker and healthier.

    Step – 1  Treating the Scalp

    Hair health starts with the scalp, which we often consider with impurities, pollutants, and styling products. To cleanse it as much as possible, use a hair scrub once a week. It not only purifies the scalp but also pleasantly enhances its blood circulation.

    But we must not forget about the nourishment and hydration that we find in tonic lotions and hair waters. We remember the anti-hair loss treatment among our bestsellers and promote its growth. Apply the tonic lotion to the hair roots and perform a light massage to absorb the product. Your beautiful new hair will not wait long!

    Step – 2  Wash your Hair Correctly

    Wash your Hair Correctly

    Whether you have very oily, colored hair or dry scalp, we have the right natural anti hair fall shampoo for you. When washing your hair, use warm water. The scorching one irritates the skin and damages the hair; the cold one does not rinse them enough. Massage the shampoo from the roots to the tips so as not to ruffle the hair too much and wash thoroughly.

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    And how frequently should you wash your hair? Professionals suggest doing this at most once or twice a week. Washing them too frequently can damage the hair. If your hair is very oily or does a lot of sports, then cleaning it every day is not necessarily a concern – but a place to use a gentle shampoo for daily use.

    Step – 3  Nourish and Moisturize the Hair


    Nourish and Moisturize the Hair

    Did you know that you reveal its internal structure, making it more fragile when you cleanse your hair with shampoo? This is why the balm closes the form and smoothes the hair’s surface. Once or twice a week, use the conditioner or hair serum for intense hair regeneration.

    Rinsing-free treatment is a must! Serums on the hair tips, hair oils, or straightening creams for hair serve both as an integrative therapy and as a lifeline.

    And how should the conditioner or hair mask be used? Apply them to cleansed and towel-dried hair – always at least 3 centimeters from the roots. Leave on for the suggested time on the package, then rinse entirely.

    Step – 4  Comb



    Start by selecting a natural brush that suits the length and thickness of your hair.

    Do not fail to comb your hair before washing; when you put the shampoo, gently rub the hair in a vertical position, and eventually, carefully squeeze out extra water from the hair.

    Wet hair tends to be damaged more efficiently when combing it, so let it dry a little before brushing it. First, if your hair gets tangled easily, apply the few squirts of hair serum to untangle your hair.

    Step – 5  Protect your Hair from Heat


    Protect your Hair from Heat

    Before selecting the straightener or hairdryer, apply a heat-protective cream or spray along the entire length of the hair and prevent damage caused by heat treatment.

    To decrease the risk of damage, select a proper device. Replace your old and fierce hair dryer with an ionizer and buy a hair straightener with keratin or steam that does not ruin the hair fibers. Please do not overdo it with temperature. The more pleasing and more damaged your hair is, the lower the temperature you should use.

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