8 Unexpected Uses of Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits

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By  Zeenath Risvee
8 Unexpected Uses of Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits

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    Many types of oil are excellent for culinary and medicinal uses, but apricot kernel oil is one that many people are unaware of. However, before incorporating this unusual oil into your health routine, you should be aware of where it originates from, the possible health advantages it may provide, as well as any potential adverse effects.

    Apricot Kernel Oil: What Is It?

    Apricot kernel oil is obtained from the kernel (e.g. seed, pit) of an apricot, which is the fruit of the Prunus armeniaca tree. While there are numerous distinct species of apricot, their nutritional profiles and the oil contained inside their kernels are remarkably similar. Apricot kernel oil may be extracted from the hard pit in the middle of the fruit using a cold-pressing process.

    Because of its lightness and nutty, fragrant flavour, this oil is a popular addition to various culinary endeavours in several regions of the world. For culinary and medical uses, some people substitute apricot kernel oil for almond oil.

    Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits

    Apricot kernel oil benefits


    Apricot Kernel Oil has a wide range of applications, from medical to cosmetic. Massage oils, hair oils, gels, body butters, lip products, fragrances, lotions, creams, soaps, bath products, shampoos, and other hair care products are among the various forms it takes.

    1. Skin is Moisturized – When used topically, apricot kernel oil’s emollient characteristics can help exfoliate and hydrate the skin, allowing it to retain moisture, eliminate dry patches, and relieve inflammatory disorders including rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.
    2. Hair Health Is Improved – Many individuals apply this oil to their hair and scalp because it can help strengthen weak hair strands and boost hair follicle health. It can lower the amount of specific molecules in the scalp that collect in response to testosterone, slowing hair growth and even causing hair loss. Inflammatory problems on the scalp, such as dandruff, can be reduced by rubbing this oil into the scalp.
    3. Acne Solution – It’s not easy to get rid of acne, but suppressing the symptoms is usually the first step. When applied to the location of an acne flare-up, apricot kernel oil reduces inflammation and prevents sebum accumulation in the glands, addressing both the symptoms and the underlying problem.
    4. Pain and Stress Reduction – If you have persistent pain and inflammation from a disease like arthritis or gout, topically using this oil to the affected region will relieve pain and treat swelling and redness immediately. So let us learn about the Best Body Oil Massage that will relieve all your stress and calm out your mind at peace.

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    1. Cancer Therapy – While further study is needed to discover whether or not apricot kernel can help prevent cancer, it is apparent that it is high in antioxidants, which may benefit your immune system. The kernel includes B17, a vitamin that has been shown to inhibit the formation of malignant tumours. Furthermore, the apricot kernel includes amygdalin, which has been studied as a cancer cell target and killer.
    2. Your Skin Could Be Brightened – Apricot oil is high in vitamins C and E, which aid in skin cell renewal and provide a more even complexion. They promote collagen formation while also protecting against free radical damage. Pollution-induced tanning and pigmentation problems are avoided.
    3. Help Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines – Apricot oil may help to slow down the effects of ageing and improve circulation in the skin. It’s a good source of vitamin A, which can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, repair collagen, and tighten skin. Oil control face wash that cleans deep to purify clogged pores then a Charcoal Face Wash is a must.
    4. It’s a Cream Beneath the Eyes – Apricot oil, like almond oil, can be used to treat the skin around the eyes. It helps to minimize puffiness and dark circles around the eyes while also strengthening the skin. You can decrease the look of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes by using this oil on a daily basis.

    Quick Tip:

    When Used As A Moisturizer

    • Cleanse your Face.
    • In a circular motion, massage 2-3 drops of apricot oil into moist skin.
    • Allow it to sit overnight.
    • Repeat once a day.

    Apricot kernel oil is extensively used in massage treatment because of its hydrating, nourishing, and rejuvenating characteristics.

    The Oil contains anti-arthritic and analgesic properties. It’s an Ayurvedic remedy for muscle and joint pain since it’s high in Omega 6 and 9. For pain relief, gently massage the oil into the skin. Before using, do not heat.

    Apricot kernel oil contains linoleic acid, which assists in skin renewal. It has a little more vitamin E than other sweet almond oils. This oil is ideal for those with older or sensitive skin. Consider it a basic and effective moisturizer or massage oil.

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