Why do we need a De-tanning skin care kit after Uttarayan?

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By  Zeenath Risvee
What's your plan after Uttarayan

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    Uttarayan – is one of the famous celebrations of Gujaratis that brings pleasure to children and adults. In this season, everyone flies kites all day long and enjoys their time on terraces and grounds. Along with flying kites, clicking photos, making reels & enjoying til chikki & laddoos are part of the celebration in our new generation. But don’t forget to be conscious of your skincare!

    Precautions to protect your skin & hair

    • Wash your face every 3 hours to remove dirt and hydrate.
    • Apply sunscreen before sun exposure.
    • Wear sunglasses for eye protection.
    • Wear full-sleeve clothes to avoid sunburn.
    • Wear a scarf to protect your face from sunlight.
    • Wear a cap to protect your hair. 
    • Drink lots of water.

    These precautions may help reduce the damage but can not stop the skin from tanning completely. 

    Let’s see some common skin problems after Uttarayan

    • SunBurn
    • Skin Tanning
    • Skin Allergies like Redness, Peeling & Itching
    • Dry Skin

    What Is Skin Tanning?

    What Is Skin Tanning?

    Tanning is the process in the skin which increases the pigment called melanin due to excessive exposure to sunlight. This causes skin darkening on uncovered areas mainly on the face, arms, hands, legs, feet, back, and neck.

    How Does Tanning Happen?

    When UVA rays spike the coatings of the skin, they produce the melanocytes to produce extra melanin, which further darkens due to oxidation and induces tanning. They also induce harm to collagen.

    The Best Ways of Skin De-tanning after Uttarayan

    There are many products, remedies, and solutions to decrease the pigmentation caused due to sun tanning. All these skin de-tanning methods involve the exfoliation of dead skin cells and reduce the excess gathered melanin. Therefore, skin de-tanning methods give a uniform tone to the skin and reduce the effects of skin ageing. 

    1. Try Homemade Skin De-tanning Remedies

    What Is Skin Tanning?

    Let’s flip back to some of our grandmother’s recipes for skin de-tanning.

    • Lemon juice and honey 

    Lemon juice has a bleaching effect which supports skin de-tanning quickly.

    • Yogurt and tomato 

    Tomato is rich in antioxidants that help in skin lighting and yogurt includes lactic acid that helps in skin softening.

    • Potato juice 

    Potato is a natural bleaching agent that lightens the darkness and soothes the skin. 

    • Honey and papaya 

    Papaya is a natural skin bleach that is rich in natural enzymes and exfoliating properties. Honey is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties which works well as a natural moisturizer. 

    • Multani Mitti and Rosewater

    Multani Mitti is the best skin de-tanning agent which evens out your skin tone and removes acne. It has antioxidant powers of Liquorice brightening that repairs UV damage. 

    • Cucumber extract

    Cucumber is highly valuable for skin de-tanning as it has a cooling effect and helps remove tan quickly. 

    • Bengal gram flour and turmeric 

    Turmeric is an amazing skin-brightening agent. Bengal gram flour which is known as besan lightens skin effectively.

    2.Use De-tanning Skin Care Kit

    An easy, less time-consuming, safe and best result-giving natural de-tanning skin care kit is available at Incredible Man. It has all-natural ingredients which are blended with the ancient formula of India.

    This helps remove the tan and rejuvenates, lightens, improves, and makes your skin smooth and gives a radiant glow.

    3 essential De-tanning Skin Care products for cleansing, exfoliating and skin-masking after Utrtrayan.

    • Charcoal honey face wash refreshes dull skin by gently removing impurities.
    • Orange & Chocolate face wash lightens and smooths your skin to deliver a fresh look in every wash.
    • Papaya & Black pepper face wash gives a natural glow by reducing dark spots, blemishes, and scars.
    • Coco & potato face scrub helps to hydrate and repair skin.
    • Multani mitti face mask even out complexion and improve skin luminosity. 

    Radiant Glow Combo – Complete Face Care Kit

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    Radiant glow – Get radiant skin and natural suppleness with Radiant glow – facial kit combo.


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    Now, the Uttrayan is here, let not the scorching sun rays take a toll on your skin health while you are having lots of fun at flying kites. Get ready to say goodbye to tanned skin after all the fun as skin de-tanning is easy and safe with Incredible Man! 

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