Top 5 Skincare Ingredients for Oily Skin

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Top 5 Skincare Ingredients for Oily Skin

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    Everyone’s skin contains oil. A sebaceous gland is located behind each pore and generates natural oils known as sebum, which helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy. However, in certain persons, the sebaceous glands create an excessive amount of oil. If your skin is continuously glossy, or if it feels or looks greasy after cleansing, you have oily skin. Breakouts are also more probable because sebum interacts with dead skin cells and can become trapped in your pores. The causes of oily skin are mostly inherited, but there are a few other variables that might exacerbate it (hormone fluctuations, over-washing, and skipping moisturizer are all examples of things that can make oily skin worse). However, there are several natural ingredients that can help—we’ve compiled a list of five that genuinely work.

    Ingredients That Are Best for Oily Skin

    Ingredients That Are Best for Oily Skin

    1. Vitamin C – a natural antibacterial that helps lighten skin and fight hyperpigmentation (bye, acne scars). Because of its cleansing characteristics, it also removes greasiness and excess sebum. Check! Less shine and fewer breakouts!
    2. Kaolin clay – Once or twice a week, use a kaolin clay scrub to help balance oily skin. This type of clay absorbs excess oil without removing moisture from the skin and can also help tighten pores. Some people have discovered that using it regularly helps to balance their skin’s oil  A charcoal face wash designed absolutely for facial skin that can give you great results, keeping your skin clean and healthy.

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    production, lessening the symptoms of oily skin. When kaolin clay is combined with water, it forms a smooth paste with microscopic grains that gently exfoliate and refresh the skin. Just remember not to scrub or press it too hard into your face, as this can irritate or even harm your skin; the gentle exfoliating effect of the clay is plenty.

    1. Lavender hydrosol – The water collected during the steam distillation process of lavender essential oil is used to make lavender hydrosol. Lavender hydrosol’s antibacterial and anti-bacterial characteristics will help regulate oil production if you spray it on your face every few hours during the day, giving you calmer, more balanced skin. Use a mild coffee face scrub that will eliminate your dead skin cells. As above stated once the dead skin cells are eliminated, new cells are developed, and that results in brighter skin.
    2. Jojoba oil – Because jojoba oil is so light, it helps to reduce (rather than increase!) your skin’s sebum production. This is how it works: When you apply it, the oil glands recognize that your skin is fully hydrated and stop creating excess shine.
    3. Witch hazel – You can make your toner! Soak a cotton pad in distilled witch hazel and dab it all over your face after cleansing. Use it twice a day for two to three weeks, then only once a day after that. Astringent tannins in witch hazel cause pore to constrict as they dry.

    Quick Tip:

    Tomato also works as a natural cleanser, removing excess oil, blackheads, and blemishes from the face. One tomato should be cut in half and mashed. Strain this purée to remove the seeds and extract the juice. Apply it to your face using a cotton ball. For extra advantages, add a few drops of honey. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with water. Do this once a week for the best effects.

    Because aloe vera gel absorbs quickly, it is good for oily skin. However, it can also be used to treat dry skin. After bathing, replace your regular moisturizer with aloe to help seal moisture into your skin.

    A lack of Vitamin B2 can lead to oily skin. Vitamin A is an immensely flexible and necessary part of a healthy diet, and it is one of the vitamins that are good for oily skin since it not only promotes overall skin health, but it also reduces excess oil production, which causes oily skin.

    Androgens are the primary hormones responsible for oil production, and they can fluctuate, causing an increase in sebum production. This is common during puberty, immediately before menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

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