Tips for Daily Skincare Routine for a Healthy Skin

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Tips for Daily Skincare Routine for a Healthy Skin

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    Don’t know how to get gorgeous skin? Washing it in the morning and evening with water and using a lotion is not enough. The skin care, or the everyday routine, concerns many more steps, and not a single one should be missed!

    Ideal Night Skincare Routine for Every Skin Type

    Removing Makeup

    Preferably, remove the makeup that remains. For normal or combination and dry skin, it is advisable to use fine cleansing milk. For sensitive and dry skin, the makeup remover oil, if blended with water, creates a mild foam and can also remove water-resistant makeup.

    Skin cleansing

    For the removal of foundation, the lotion is delicate and, particularly for oily skin, micellar water, which can only be used twice a week. In the subsequent days, replace it with a mild cleansing face wash gel or foam, and once a week, apply the face mask in the evening to eliminate dead cells.

    Skin toning

    In my view, it is also essential to include a serum in daily skincare: it is the basis of skin hydration, softens it, and conditions it for the next steps.

    Intensive skincare

    Take a moment to apply a Fuller Earth/Multani mitti face mask once a week. If you have dry skin, hydration will work, oily skin deep cleansing, while for the first wrinkles, collagen is proper.

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    Daily nutrition and skin hydration

    Face serum is another “must-have” in daily skincare when you surpass thirty. Collagen serum strengthens it, hyaluronic acid moisturizes. Just have a few drops on the whole face. An important thing to tell about the daily routine is that it is advisable to include in all steps to the skin of the neck.

    Your Morning Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

    Cleansing of the skin

    Various regeneration processes happen in the skin during the night, and they must be elucidated. Hence, as a first step in the morning, do not ignore washing the skin. Instead, choose a cleansing and refreshing face wash gel or foam and, therefore, a tonic because it prepares the skin for other treatments.

    Skin illumination

    Start the treatment, preferably with serum. It acts deeper than all products and also longer. An illuminating serum, for example, with vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, is helpful in the morning. If you want to skip the serum, you may have a deep cleansing orange face wash gel that will work for both; it will cleanse plus illuminate your skin.

    Hydration and protection of the skin

    Particularly in summer, the SPF factor should not be ignored, and the skin should deliver hydration. Also, in the morning is the time of eye cream, and do not forget to take care of the lips. In a regular time, before lipstick or lip gloss, use light peeling and plenty of nourishment around the lips. Many brands produce a special cream that combines the eye and lip area care—a pleasant time saver, specifically during a hectic morning. 

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