Six Common Myths about Tanning and Sun Exposure: How to Sunbathe Properly?

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By  Zeenath Risvee
Six Common Myths about Tanning

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    Most of us already know that the sun can induce premature wrinkles or dark spots on the face. Yet, there are still many myths and half-truths on sunscreen. Learn how to tan and adequately protect your skin.

    Sunbathing Tips and Precautions

    The sun “supplies” us with vitamin D, which is very beneficial, whereas, on the other hand, it has adverse effects in case of prolonged sun exposure. In addition to sunburn, it not only causes a more significant number of wrinkles and pigmentary irregularities but beyond all boosts the chance of skin cancer melanoma. Nevertheless, women can enhance the way they sunbathe, making it more beneficial. Let’s start by looking at the six central myths about tanning.

    Just Apply the Cream in the Morning

    If you have already bought a high-quality treatment cream with protection and apply it regularly in the morning before makeup, it is a great habit. However, it won’t protect you all day. The SPF “shield” is lowered after 2 hours, and since you certainly want to tan in the best viable way, you will have to reapply the cream periodically. 

    Not using a Protective Cream; use makeup with SPF Factor

    Most usual tricks have an SPF factor of 15 or 20. Nevertheless, if you want to protect the mild skin of the face and avoid premature aging, dermatologists advise applying products with a protection factor of at least SPF 30. This level of protection permits you to tan more safely. Even if you use sunscreen products, always pay attention to the time of sun exposure. The harmful effects of the sun’s rays are only lowered, so you should not sunbathe for more than two hours.

    Skin with Dark Pigment Tans Efficiently and does not need to be Shielded

    In those with fair or freckled skin, there is a greater risk of melanoma; this is a fact. Yet, not even a darker phototype can feel out of danger. After prolonged exposure to the sun, you may not notice signs of sunburn, but the risk of melanoma is similar. The rule is straightforward: protect yourself even if you have naturally darker skin! It is not crucial to use the highest factor, just the SPF factor 30.

    If the Sky is Cloudy, it is not mandated to Spread the Cream

    Harmful UV rays also penetrate through the veil of clouds and harm the skin. Pay special lookout because these beams do not heat up, so cloudy weather does not convey protection. Damage can also occur in the shadow or during a gray, breezy day.

    A Necessary Tan will save me from Sunburn

    This myth began to spread in the 90s: before going on holiday to the sea, you need to tan a slight, this will build a basic tan, and you will not get burned. This is not true, nor is it a way to fast tan in the sun. What is the best way to tan? Don’t worry; you’ll get a sexy tan despite the sun protection factor of the products you use. 

    Sunburns are just Redness that Fades

    The redness vanishes and is accurate, but the defects generated deep inside the skin can produce problems even a few years later: wrinkles, alterations in pigmentation, scales on the skin. How to tan better and avoid damage? Pack a valuable pack of Orange Face wash in your bag.

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    How to Use Sunscreen?

    Most of us give up the daily use of sunscreen because if we do not pick the suitable cream, white spots often stay on the face and the pores evolve clogged. Don’t give up! It’s merely a case of finding the correct cream. For standard and dry skin, the consistency of the oil is preferable, which does not leave a white layer. If you have an unpleasantly shiny coat and produce excess sebum, you must have an Incredible Man Orange face wash that consists of Vitamin C properties.

    The Sun does not play hide and seek

    There are spots on the body that we usually forget when we spread the protective cream. The right way of sunbathing also includes the protection of the wrinkle, ear lobes, and the back of the hands, particularly the latter, with expected care, rewards us with a youthful appearance even in advanced age. If you do not protect the skin of the back of your hands, pigment spots will arise, and your hands will age very fast.

    When the sun questions you if you are ready, you will have a protective arsenal prepared for you and the whole family. Enjoy the foremost days of summer!

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