What causes Dandruff on the Scalp?

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What causes Dandruff on the Scalp

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    How to get rid of Dandruff and Itchy Scalp?

    It is obvious to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when you have a dandruff problem. That itchiness and the visible white flakes are very annoying. So, you search for various dandruff remedies and treatments. These treatments will be easier and faster if you know what causes dandruff.

    What is Hair dandruff? What causes Dandruff on the Scalp?

    The result of dead skin cells makes white or greyish big oily clumps or flakes on your scalp and cause itchiness. Many genetic and environmental conditions make reasons for this dandruff. A fungus called Malassezia Globosa feeds on oils on the scalp of most adults causing hair dandruff. 

    During the oil breakdown it may produce a by-product called oleic acid. But some people are allergic to oleic acid and this occurs in excessive peeling of the scalp skin. This skin condition seriously affects the scalp. So, the skin layers frequently replace themselves and cells are forced outward where they die and flake off. 

    Dandruff can have many causes, including irritated or oily skin, not enough shampooing, fungus (Malassezia), dry skin, allergy to hair care products and other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

    When does Dandruff Start?

    Dandruff usually begins with youth as your hormones begin to change, letting you generate more scalp oils for the dandruff-causing germ Malassezia to grow on. Also, when your hormones change in old age or through times of stress can cause dandruff too. Some factors may cause hair dandruff such as age, being male, specific illnesses and unhealthy hair hygiene.

    Dandruff normally starts in young adulthood and lasts through middle age. The male hormone can also be one of the purposes for dandruff because more men have dandruff problems. Parkinson’s disease and other diseases that can affect the nervous system may cause dandruff. A weak immune system can also be a reason for dandruff. Inappropriate hair washing routines, unsuitable shampoo and not washing hair frequently can also occur in dandruff.

    The Signs of Dandruff

    Some noticeable signs can be there when you have dandruff such as flakes, itchiness, dryness and redness.

    Visible flakes are the normal symbol of dandruff. They are the unnecessary scalp skin cells shed as you are allergic to oleic acid. The dead skin cells convert into clumps to form noticeable white and reddish dandruff flakes.

    Itchiness can happen for two reasons, either due to deep thought or simply due to dandruff. All the build-up in the scalp causes irritation and itchiness.

    Your scalp skin can get dry just like the skin of other parts of the body. Dandruff develops the barrier to the necessary moisture-hold and can cause the skin to dry out soon. Also, the irritation on the skin and the regular scratching may create redness and more irritation. 

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    How Does Anti Dandruff Shampoo Work?

    A better anti-dandruff shampoo should decrease the sebum and workout to control the unnecessary fungal growth in the scalp. Anti-dandruff shampoos have dandruff-fighting ingredients such as zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide. Both these ingredients have a strong impact as they control your skin cells and hold the shedding process. But long use of these may cause side effects like dry scalp, skin irritation, or dry hair.

    Better you choose organic hair care products because organic anti-dandruff shampoos help to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and produce residues that attach to your hair and scalp. They also give natural nourishment to stimulate the scalp for reducing hair fall and boosting hair growth. So they work as anti-dandruff and anti hair fall shampoo.

    Which Anti-dandruff Shampoo is Best?

    To be the best anti-dandruff shampoo, it should have a better combination of some fine natural ingredients. Rice water, Amala, Tulsi (Holy basil), Lemongrass, Tea tree, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Neem, Fenugreek seeds and Fuller’s Earth are some of the best ingredients you may find. 

    Antifungal properties of rice water work against dandruff and reduce it. Amla is rich in vitamin – C which cures dryness and reduces the growth of dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties effectively reduce dandruff formation.

    Tulsi has effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. It protects hair from pollution and moisturizes the scalp, therefore it helps to cure the dandruff problem.

    Lemongrass is an active ingredient in many shampoos as it fights against dandruff. It soothes a dry and itchy scalp. It also helps to maintain the scalp moisturised, but not oily. The astringent properties of lemongrass help drain the oil without letting excessive dryness.

    Tea tree holds a compound named terpinen-4-ol, which has strong antimicrobial properties. It helps lessen dandruff by reducing the growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp. Aloe Vera decreases skin inflammation and holds a moisturizing effect. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties lessen flakiness and itchiness to get rid of dandruff. Coconut oil hydrates our scalp and stops dryness and flakiness which cause dandruff. It also contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties naturally.

    Also, Antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of neem can stop and treat dandruff well. Fenugreek seeds are loaded with protein, which can prevent dryness, hair fall and dandruff. They can also encourage our hair roots and moisturize the scalp. Oil, grease, and dirt may cause and increase the spreading of dandruff. Fuller’s Earth helps absorb all these and improves blood circulation to keep the scalp dandruff-free.

    While in most cases, simple remedies and organic anti-dandruff shampoo may be enough to control dandruff, there are situations when this may get out of hand. If extreme flaking or itching of the scalp, do not delay consulting a dermatologist. This can help you to fight against the dandruff issue in a better manner.

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