How to Avoid Loss of Hair in Men and Women

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By  Zeenath Risvee
How to Avoid Loss of Hair in Men and Women

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    Aging and genetics can be a reason for hair loss. Hair loss is one of the most noticeable signs of balding. The quicker you start to stop hair fall, the more hair you will be able to save. 

    Regular practices to control hair fall

    Drink lots of water

    Drink lots of water

    Dehydration reduces hair growth. About 25% of the hair follicles are produced of water, so they get weak if you are dehydrated. It is necessary to drink sufficient water for healthy and strong hair. 

    Avoid smoking and drinking

    Smoking affects the blood flow to the hair follicles. Also, drinking alcohol in excess causes dehydration and nutritional insufficiencies. So they cause more hair loss.

    Exercise regularly

    Exercise regularly

    Exercise is a stress reliever that can promote blood circulation and good health, it promotes hair growth.

    Regular hair wash

    Regular hair wash may keep your scalp and hair clean and fresh. So it reduces the chance of dandruff that can cause hair fall. There are many shampoo and hair conditioners in the marketplace. Hair fall defense shampoo can help you to get rid of this problem soon. But choosing the right and chemical-free one is the challenge. Also, it’s better to use a hair conditioner with aloe vera after shampooing the hair may give you better results.

    Avoid heat styling

    Avoid heat styling

    Your hair shaft can be weakened if you frequently style and use heating procedures. This can cause your hair to break and increase the chances of damage and hair fall.

    Avoid chemical treatments

    Chemical treatments such as hair coloring and straightening harm your hair and scalp. If it is necessary to color, use natural hair colors which don’t contain ammonia and other chemicals. 

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    Add more vitamins-rich food to your diet

    It’s important to take a healthy and varied diet that has compounds of antioxidants, iron, vitamin D, and biotin to boost hair growth.

    Food for fuller and healthier hair

    healthier hair

    Fatty Fish

    Fatty fish like Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon, and Herring contain protein, selenium, and B vitamins which help to encourage healthy hair. 

    If not, having omega fatty acids can enhance your hair internally, as they have enough nutrients and proteins in them. An omega supplement with antioxidants helps to improve hair thickness and volume by reducing hair loss.


    Eggs are an excellent source of protein, which prevents hair loss majorly. A low-protein diet leads to hair growth in a “resting” phase, which causes hair loss and less hair growth. But eggs are rich in protein, and they prevent hair loss. 

    Leafy Greens

    Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and collards are packed with nutrients that may stop hair loss. 

    Iron is a necessary nutrient for your hair cells to remain active and perform properly. People with iron insufficiency normally lead to hair loss. So, make sure you consume sufficient spinach, turnip greens, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, and kale to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth.


    Fruits in which vitamin C and antioxidants are included will be good for preventing hair loss and improving healthy hair. Berries, cherries, apricots, grapes, and oranges may play a major role in this to help to defend hair follicles from free radicals. 

    Nuts and Seeds

    Nuts and seeds include vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrient-dense foods are important for stopping hair loss. Walnuts, Brazil nuts, Almonds, Flax seeds, and Chia seeds are some of them that may help you to control hair fall.

    The sooner you notice the signs of hair loss, the more likely you are to prevent immutable damage. Don’t delay to start making changes in your routine, begin your self-treatments right now to a fuller head of hair.

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