The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth? Why?

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By  Zeenath Risvee
The Best Way to Brush Your Teeth

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    Teeth cleaning is a daily routine that we know from childhood. But many of us have to wait until we become adults to remember how to brush our teeth properly.

    The process of cleaning teeth is not only necessary, but it is not too easy either! Are you sure you do everything perfectly? We have taken a glimpse at the right accessories and the technique to follow step by step for safety.

    Choosing the Right Toothbrush

    While we’d like to choose a toothbrush of our favourite colour, we should instead focus on things like the dimensions of the head, the number of bristles, and their softness. Choose a natural toothbrush with a minor head – this way; it will be able to adapt to the shape of each tooth sufficiently. You also have to leave the belief that the more complicated the toothbrush, the cleaner it is. The bristles of the bamboo toothbrush should rather be soft so as not to damage the gums during cleaning.

    The Incredible Man Bamboo Toothbrush gives the ideal blend of all these elements with brown bristles – this edition will brighten up the shelves of any bathroom! It will clean your teeth flawlessly, massage your gums, and stimulate blood circulation. But the selection of toothbrushes is not enough! For the appropriate teeth cleaning, you must have a perfect natural toothbrush. 

    You must pick a natural toothbrush that enables removing plaque from the interdental space. How to do that? Gently thread the brush into the interdental space in the path of the gums – just a forward-backwards movement, repeat, and you’re done.

    Tooth Cleaning & Whitening

    Let’s acknowledge that the rules for selecting the toothbrush are pretty strict, but choosing toothpaste instead means much more freedom! If you have sensitive teeth but are looking for toothpaste with a whitening effect, choose the Incredible Man Bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles suited for everyday use, making your teeth more immune. Natural ingredients do not constitute foam but do not worry; this does not detract from its effectiveness! Of course, it will never be like shopping, but after all, a stunning, dazzling smile is more impressive than a dull dress. 

    Bamboo toothbrush S curve with charcoal bristles

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    Time to say NO to your plastic brush! 

    We introduce a stylish and elegant toothbrush that is complete dental hygiene and eco-friendly.

    • A  natural toothbrush to replace and avoid plastic and chemicals.
    • For the health-consciousness of all men, women, and children.
    • Reach all hidden places to remove plaque and leave a healthy smile.


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    How to Brush your Teeth: Step by Step

    Do you already have all the tools ready? At this point, we can see what the correct technique to brush our teeth is.

    • Place half a toothbrush on the tooth and the other half on the gum creating a 45-degree angle – yes, the angle is necessary.
    • Start creating small, circular movements – this way, you’ll cleanse both your teeth and gum groove. In addition to these circular movements, move the toothbrush from the underneath to the other to carefully remove bacterial plaque.
    • Keep the toothbrush gently; if you press too much, you can harm the gums.
    • In this way, you will have cleansed the entire front of the upper and lower teeth and now devote the same attention and care to the back of all the teeth.
    • Then place the toothbrush directly against the surface of the molars and clean similarly with circular movements.
    • What is the last step? Clear residual bacteria with Incredible Man Neem Tongue Cleaner.

    Are you wondering how long the teeth cleaning should last? Ignore the three-minute rule. Cleaning doesn’t have to end until you’ve finished every step! After washing, try to pass on the teeth with your tongue – if they are smooth, then you will have hit the target. Nevertheless, the vital thing to highlight is that articles are insufficient to learn the correct cleaning technique. You should consult your dental hygienist with whom to try the process periodically. Your teeth will be thankful to you.

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