Benefits Of Wooden Comb For Hair

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Benefits Of Wooden Comb For Hair

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    You should naturally know how to take care of your hair. You can utilize all the high-end components and products, but you won’t be able to discover a cure if you don’t grasp the nature and texture of your hair and what exactly is ailing it. The type of brush or comb that is used is one aspect that most people overlook while trying to increase volume, minimize dandruff, and enhance the general condition of their hair.

    Contrary to popular belief, wooden combs are preferred over standard plastic ones. The former may result in greater breakage, but a wooden comb has a fair share of advantages. Here, we go through a few of them so you can choose your hair care options wisely.

    Different Types Of The Wooden Comb

    Even if you’ve tried a variety of pricey treatments on your hair to keep it healthy, a decent comb is still essential. A fantastic approach to maintain the health of your hair is to comb it before bed. Combs made of plastic or aluminum metal leave the hair curled and naturally break it off. A fantastic technique to maintain the health of your hair is to switch to a wooden comb. Which wooden comb should you use, that is the question.


    1. Pure Neem Wooden CombIt is made by hand from organic neem wood, which has antibacterial qualities. The delicate bristle smoothly distributes natural oil from the hair roots to the tip and lessens dandruff.
    2. Use A Wooden Hairbrush PaddleThe paddle brush style is a fantastic choice if you want soft waves and curls with great volume. For those with curly hair, it is not a good idea, but it gives your hair a more polished appearance.
    3. Wide Tooth Design CombIf you have curly hair, this clever wooden wide-tooth comb is your best bet. It facilitates the natural oil circulation and even makes detangling the hair strands simple. It keeps the curls’ bounce while being less intrusive.
    4. Sheesham Wood CombThe Indian Redwood is another name for the wood kind. It works wonders on both skin and hair. It’s an excellent routine to groom your hair with this Sheesham Wood comb. The natural hair sebum generated on the scalp will be disseminated by the comb. It efficiently encourages healthy hair and hair development as a consequence. These are the three best kinds of wooden combs to try if you want to maintain your hair completely straight and bouncy. 

    Benefits Of Wooden Comb

    Benefits Of Wooden Comb


    The most difficult thing to find is a wide-toothed wooden comb. The greatest comb for untangling hair is this one. To reduce hair breakage and loss, wooden wide-tooth combs are typically used on damp, delicate hair. Here are some benefits of using a wooden comb that are ideal:

    1. Improved Blood CirculationWooden combs frequently weigh less and have softer bristles, which helps reduce scalp trauma and promote blood flow. As a result, your hair may become healthier, you may feel more at ease, and your body will create oil naturally, eliminating dryness and itching on the scalp.
    2. Less Hair BreaksHair breakage may be avoided by using wooden combs. Make the decision to convert to a wooden comb when you are already experiencing hair loss and several other issues. It can care for fragile hair and shield it from further harm. No matter whether your hair is wet or dry, the comb can move through it without yanking it.
    3. Less Dandruff Issues – A common problem with hair is dandruff. As was already said, using a wooden comb may increase oil production, preventing the scalp from drying out. Sharp-toothed combs, such plastic ones, can irritate the scalp. A wooden comb is kinder to use and less likely to hurt your scalp or damage your hair. With dandruff and related issues, it can be quite beneficial.
    4. Gentle On Hair – A wooden comb helps your hair lay down and gives it a smooth, shiny appearance since both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge. A natural substance like wood is also less prone to exacerbate allergies or skin disorders than plastic and metal combs.
    5. Natural Hair NourishingBecause the natural oils from the scalp do not adhere to the metal or plastic of a typical comb, they are more evenly distributed by a wooden comb throughout the whole hair strand. With the gloss and bounce of well-moisturized hair, it leaves your hair appearing less greasy and healthier.
    6. Boosts Hair Growth Because using a wooden comb feels so fantastic, we frequently comb longer. The process of massaging causes the follicles to generate more hair, which promotes thicker, faster-growing hair. Incredible Man Sheesham wooden combo for hair & beard. A perfect grooming comb for a sensitive scalp or skin.

    Sheesham Wood Beard Comb

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    Incredible man Sheesham beard comb is a necessary grooming tool for maintaining your beard and moustache to look and feel its best. 

    • Stimulates the hair follicles for effective hair growth. 
    • Subtle teeth add versatility for varying beard lengths.
    • The comb tips gives a gentle massage to provide relaxation 


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    1. Filth And Foreign Particles Are RemovedDirt and strange objects are removed off the hair when you gently comb it with a wooden comb. Due to their strong static charge, metal and plastic combs attract dirt, which then spreads it throughout the hair. Incredible man rosewood beard comb is a necessary grooming tool for maintaining your beard and mustache to look and feel its best.
    2. Suitable for All Hair Types – Wooden combs are like moms who take care of your hair, regardless of the type. For all the aforementioned reasons, they provide gentle care and promote overall hair health (and likely more).

    How To Clean Your Wooden Comb?

    The easiest approach to clean a wooden comb is to soak it for two to three minutes in warm water that has been diluted with light soap or detergent. By passing a little piece of cloth through each time, gently clean the comb of any dirt or debris. Gently scrape the comb with an old toothbrush if any obstinate residue remains after wiping. Don’t forget to totally remove/dry the water from the comb by wiping it with a piece of towel. Once the area has been satisfactorily cleansed, gently rub a very small amount of oil (you’re using hair oil) onto both sides of the comb with your fingertips.

    Always ensure to properly dry the comb before using it. Applying hair oil to the comb on both sides once it has dried is a smart idea. This will serve as a shielding film.

    Wet hair should never be combed with a wooden comb of any sort since they are more susceptible to harm. When the hair is damp, the strands are softer and more malleable, making combing more likely to cause significant breakage and uprooting. So give them some time to dry.

    Yes – prevents hair loss and breakage

    A wooden comb could be more beneficial for your hair than a plastic one. This is due to the fact that a wooden comb causes less breakage and damage to the hair by gliding through it easily. 

    The wooden comb’s massaging motion encourages the follicles to generate more hair strands, promoting thicker hair growth. Wooden combs are composed of bamboo and neem, two relatively renewable materials, and are sturdy, long-lasting, and durable.

    Wooden combs evenly distribute the natural oils on our scalp and nurture the hair, unlike plastic combs that cause static because of friction during combing. They don’t damage our hair and quickly untangle the tresses without breaking them.

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